When I want to remember my mother, I eat.

“Come home now.”

One evening, months after my mum’s death, I stood at the foot of my parents’ HDB block — my family home — making the smallest of talks with the next door neighbours.

I did…

i took the cmyk colour wheel and prayed that it held
the billion realities of neoliberalism in its cold, sweaty palm
for the duration of a metaphor.
big ask, i know.
it was the only framing device that
years of monotonous banging/
didactic lesson plans
allowed my mind to design

Context: Willougby is a pet chinchilla.

They’re at it again.

Amended from an Instagram rant:

“Write what you know” was the adage of every literature and English language teacher in my primary and secondary schools. Teacher after teacher advised us this, as we read and analysed and studied I’m the King of the Castle, and The Monkey’s Paw, and excerpts…

A lot of people I know struggle with the knowledge that their activism — or conversations that are designed to build on activism — are often stuck within the same walls, time and again, in spite of constant efforts to tear these fences down.

In smaller civil society spaces like…

Just a live running list of thoughts about the end of the world.

In spite of myself and everything I intellectually subscribe to, I am gripped by an unwelcome crippling fear of not documenting this moment in time.

It is a shameful fear, because I know better than to expect myself to conjure creative productivity during an anxiety-inducing global health crisis. But I…

Terminology gave me power to wade into spaces that I felt intimidated by. Letting go of it is where my real work begins.

Jargon. All of the jargon.

I discovered, almost by accident, the liberating power of social justice jargon in 2011 when I came across a Facebook note on the anti-sexual violence movement, SlutWalk, written by a friend.

The exact vocabulary I was introduced to then is not something I can recall any longer — most likely…

A documentary I made, on activism and civil society in Singapore. Chong Ning Qian, Filzah Sumartono and Kokila Annamalai thoughtfully interrogate what civil and political engagement means in our city-state, where activism is often associated with needless “trouble”.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child urged Singapore to end corporal punishment against children. The first course of action we can take: raise them not against a checklist of punitive disciplinary measures, but as people in their own right.

Every few months, there would be a public caning.

The warnings to stay in line were rattled off…

Nabilah Husna

This is kind of like my diary now. She/dia/ia.

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